We exist to give all people the freedom to belong the ability to connect with others the opportunity to share their passions the right to be accepted in a safe, trusted environment

Our Vision

We exist to give all people the freedom to belong, to connect with others, to share their passions and be accepted in a safe, trusted environment

Our Mission

By 2030, through our portfolio of websites, apps and other channels, we will be internationally recognised as the most successful niche dating, community-led business, connecting millions of people around the world.

We will ferociously protect the right of our customers to connect, engage and share within tolerant, inclusive communities that help people live their happily ever now.

Our team knows that by working at Venntro, they help people find love, find community, find belonging and ultimately to find their true selves.

With every new connection we help to build a better, more inclusive world.

Our Values

Rational Optimism

We say yes.

Because yes is what gets us places. When we look on the bright side, we achieve more. We embrace new opportunities with a positive attitude.

Ambitious Mindset

We strive to do better in all aspects of our life.

We know that to do our best mentally we must look after ourselves physically. We strive to continually learn and adapt and to achieve more than is expected of us. We power through work and life with a genuine belief that there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Relentless Resilience

It’s not how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit, keep standing and throw a knockout punch.

We know that’s how winning is done.

We are relentless in our willingness to push the boundaries, to try new things and to roll with the inevitable punches. We always get up.

Productive Paranoia

We never take our success for granted.

We protect our flanks. Only by constantly challenging ourselves to improve can we stay ahead of the competition.

Naked Candidness

We admit when things are wrong.

We encourage constructive conflict and embrace transparent feedback. We know it is always better to be honest and say what is needed, rather than just what people want to hear.

High Performance Meritocracy

We work Smart. We move fast. If we fail, we fail fast, we learn - and we don’t make the same mistake twice.

We’re self starters and problem solvers. We don’t pass it on, we own it.

We treat the business like our own and know we work in a meritocracy that values a grafting attitude where there is no limit to our growth.

Respectful Collaboration

We respect others for their lifestyle, beliefs or background.

We spend more time with work colleagues than anyone else and we want to make the most of our precious time on this spinning rock called Earth.

So be nice.

Our Awards

Highlighted as one of the UK’s most exciting companies by City A.M. and Mishcon de Reya, Venntro has won many awards for fast growth as well as obtained inclusion in Tech City UK’s Future Fifty. Venntro is also one of LSE’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’.
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